At Wildflower Goldens we love getting feedback from all of our Puppy Parents, here is what they are saying:
"The effort that you put into caring for these puppies is truly commendable. While we have only been able to observe a select number of live cams through The Pet Collective (Corgi-, Kitten-, PuppyCam), we have found yours to be of the best quality and the most professional. Not only does GoldenCam provide entertainment, but also depicts the highest level of care for the well-being of the puppies. We always get a good laugh at watching a mob of puppies chase after a Swiffer sweeper or the destruction of the pen only minutes after you've cleaned their area. Your willingness to interact with the viewers and showing off the puppies up close in front of the cameras make our attachment to your stream even stronger.There is endless praise on the YouTube chat for your work and dedication to Rosie and her litter. You are beloved by both your viewing audience and the puppies. We enjoy watching your interaction with the Lucky Seven, especially because they excite easily at your presence and respond favorably to your intonation while calling them “you darn puppies!” Simply knowing each puppy’s personality and behavioral pattern speaks volumes about your involvement in their growth and development. The careful screening process to find proper forever-homes for each puppy cements in our minds of your extensive knowledge of the breed and your reputable adoption standards. We wish you only the greatest success with your future breeding opportunities." -Amy and Greg
"Just a quick note to let you know that I brought the puppy to her first vet check, and she graduated with flying colors!  The vet's office was impressed with how organized you were in giving me all the important information about the puppy.  I just am in the process of registering her microchip today.  So, once again, a big thanks to you!"

Mary Beth
"Thank you both, ever so much, for bringing Titus into my life and for allowing me to be his permanent parent. He is the perfect puppy for me----so sweet and gentle, yet so adorably playful. His visit to the veterinarian this morning confirmed the health assessment made by your veterinarian, last Saturday---that he is in excellent health and won't need another puppy shot for another four weeks. In addition to remarking that Titus will be a beautiful dog, he also said that he was going to be a "big dog."...I love this little Titus to pieces. He didn't have a single accident in the house today. He went to the door and scratched, on one occasion, when he had to go out. As we were coming back from the vet in the car, he whined. I stopped the car and took him out to pee, and we rode the rest of the way home, with no whining. He is so attentive and alert---a very smart little dog. Titus still has to learn not to chase the cats, but I think that will come in a short time. I just had to let you now how thrilled and grateful I am. A lady waiting in the vet's office remarked, when she saw Titus, "What a perfect Christmas puppy!" He is just a perfectly wonderful puppy for any season. Another lady wanted to know the name of the breeder from whom I bought Titus and I gave her your name and web site address, with an enthusiastic recommendation." -Judy H.
"I wanted to let you both know that Rocky has STILL not had one accident. He always hits the pads and goes outside. He is so good! I don't think we've heard him bark...He loves hanging out in the back yard and even will lay in the sun on the patio. He still has never been left alone. No one can leave him! LOL We just can't thank you enough. " -Bill and Darlene

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