Welcome To Our Nursery

All puppies are home raised by their mother and myself to ensure maximum health. We are there with our puppies every step of the way, beginning with mom's first contraction to the day we present them into your arms. We take our breeding program very seriously which is why both parents have to be OFA-certified free of hip and elbow dysplasia, cardiac abnormalities, and congential eye defects.
Raising a healthy puppy starts with a healthy mom. We feed a mixture of homemade Chicken stew, mixed with carrots, veggies and Royal Canin Starter Formula for mom during gestation. At this time we also add Prenatal vitamins from Breeders Edge and Digestive Enhancer from Natures Farmacy. The Digestive Enhancer allows more nutrients and vitamins to be readily absorbed and passed on to mom and pups producing healthier puppies!
During the final two weeks of gestation we add cottage cheese and yogurt to mom's diet to enhance milk production for the coming litter.
For growing and weaning puppies we use Royal Canin Maxi Starter in addition to giving healthy treats like steamed carrots and apples. We also supplement puppies with Nordic Naturals fish oil for the DHA and most importantly mom and pups receive close proper medical care. We spare no expense when it comes to providing for our dogs and puppies- there health and happiness is everything to us.
All puppies come with vaccines and multiple dewormings before they leave our home. The deworming process occurs at two weeks of age and continues every two weeks until Puppy Pick Up Day. Prior to leaving our home each puppy is checked by a licensed veterinarian with a full health report and the first set of vaccinations are administered. Each Puppy comes with an amazing puppy package that includes puppy food, samples of my favorite products like shampoo, supplements, treats, a comfort toy that smells like mom and the litter (very important), and a full binder that includes all the information you will need to raise a happy and healthy puppy!
Starting at birth puppies are weighed twice a day and weights charted on our Excel Spreadsheets. Bedding (consisiting of lambs fleece) is changed three times a day to ensure a sanitary environment. Puppies begin to learn potty training at around 4 weeks of age when we introduce a potty area to their living quarters. We also start the weaning process at this time by slowly transitioning them from mother's milk to Royal Canin Starter Maxi Puppy, specifically formulated for puppies 4 weeks to 8 weeks. We make them a yummy gruel by mixing the food with homemade chicken stew into a thick gravy - no puppy can resist this! We also add a pre and probiotic to their meal (Natures Farmacy Digestive Enhancer) and Standard Process supplement Canine Complete, recomended to us by our wholistic vet.
For potty training we learned that puppies instinctively know not to soil their den and if given an appropriate area to eliminate they will use it! I provide toys and play areas for puppies as soon as they are able to walk for stimulation and to get their brain and all four senses going. We dedicated a whole puppy play room to them so that they can play and run free to their hearts content. We have had great success with this as former puppy parents have come back to tell us that they can not believe how smart their pup is and how easy they were to train!

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