Litters and FAQ 

          What separates a backyard breeder or a pet store from a reputable breeder like us?
 Wildflower Goldens only breeds dogs with OFA Clearances.
The OFA (or Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and CERF (or Canine Eye Registration Foundation) are national registries that review radiographs and other tests performed by licensed veterinarians and evaluate those test results to determine if your dog has any congenital abnormalities that would indicate you should not breed them. This is not the same as a simple physical exam from a veterinarian. These tests are very expensive and many dogs do not pass these exams.  The OFA recommends the following tests be perfomed on Golden Retrievers prior to breeding: Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Cardiac exam performed by a board certified veterinary cardiologist, and an ANNUAL Eye exam perfomed by an opthamologist. Any reputable breeder should be able to direct you to their online database for verification purposes and present you with certificates.
***Links to OFA Clearances are available on the parents page***
 Our Golden Retriever Puppies
We take special care to ensure that our puppies go to homes committed to their well-being. All of our puppies come with
    • Registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC)
    • A contract including a health guarantee
    • An individual vet certificate/report of good health
    • The first set of vaccines with multiple dewormings
    • A Puppy package including 4 generation pedigree and clearances on both parents
    • A detailed “How To raise a HappyGolden Puppy” Package
    • Ongoing support throughout your dog’s life
When will they be ready to go home? 
Puppies will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age.  Puppies/animals should never be given as presents to unknowing persons, and we will not be selling puppies to buyers looking to give them as gifts for the holiday season.  This is a beautiful and precious life, not a pair of shoes you can return if they don't fit.
How do I get a puppy?
Please fill out the Questionnaire available in the Questionnaire Section and email it back to me.  If we have not actually met you in person, we would ask that we get together at that time or do an interview over the phone or via email to talk in depth about your living situation for a puppy and how you plan to raise it. In order to receive a puppy you must send a deposit of $500.  I can not hold puppies without deposits.  Your deposit is your reservation for the puppy.  Please keep in mind all reservations must be done on a timely manner, it is not fair for me to promise someone a puppy who has no intention in sending a deposit while other responsible puppy parents are left waiting.
 How do I get to pick out my puppy?
As breeders and "parents" to the litter we feel we know each puppies personality the best and will be matching puppy to new owner based on lifestyle and other considerations.  Please refer to this page for more information.
Will I be able to spend any additional time with the litter outside of Puppy Pick Up Day? 
For the health, happiness and safety of my litter I can not allow any visitors outside of Puppy Pick Up Day.  A lot of personal time and attention goes into preparing the litter for show -  baths and grooming takes me on average about 6-8 hours not including the time it takes to feed/attend to the puppies and mom.  This does not include the time the litter and I spend with the family (most families are here for 3-4 hours!).  As you can see this can be exhausting for pups as all these new faces and voices can be very exciting!  I have had many personal appointments in the past where I was entertaining upwards of 4 different families a week for several weeks, and this was extremely hard physically and emotionally for both me and more importantly for mom and the pups.  Plus, I would often get last minute cancellations that didn't make mom or the litter too happy either.  Please be aware that my first and foremost concern as a Breeder is making sure that Mommy and her Puppies are in a happy, stress-free, healthy environment which is why these guidelines have been set into place.  Thank you in advance for understanding - mom and pups (and I!) thank you!!!
I can't take the puppy home with me on Puppy Pick Up Day, can I pick the puppy up at a later time?
When your puppy is ready to go home we have found it is best developmentally for your puppy to go home with you sooner rather than later so that you both can begin the bonding process.  Keeping the puppy longer is not recommended for the pups, we have witnessed attachments form between mother and pup with other litters when the puppy is held on to for extended periods of time and it was heartbreaking to see them be split up, especially when  just one is left behind.  After witnessing this we decided that all pups must be picked up on a timely manner.  Please plan on getting your newest family member a priority.  I will let you know the day and appointment time well in advanced, it is always on a weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday.  Prepare to ask for the day off of work or to reschedule appointments, picking up your puppy should be your highest priority before all other engagements.
Can you board my puppy while I am away?
For the health and safety of the puppy and of our own brood we never board any dogs due to the possible transmission of disease and contamination of our home.  We are simply not equipped to handle any boarding type situation, plus I don't think there is enough hours in the day to devote additional cuddle time and attention to any more dogs than what we are already blessed to have :)
                                                  Wildflower Puppy in the snow
Please Read Before Contacting Me About Getting A Pup
1.  All puppies come with a no breeding contract.  All puppies will be required to get spayed or neutered.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.  This applies to all breeders, therapy/service animal programs, show homes, absolutely everyone - no exceptions ever.
2.  All Puppies are sold under Limited AKC registration, meaning any offspring produced by the puppy will not be eligible for AKC registration.  Limited Registration does not however prevent the puppy from participating in AKC events except for Conformation where all dogs must be unaltered.  I will only be selling to loving pet homes only, no show homes and/or homes wanting Full AKC Registration and breeding rights.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS, please don't ask as that will immediately disqualify you from getting a puppy. 

3. There is no negotiation on pricing.   I do not give discounts under any circumstances, please keep in mind that what you pay now is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the actual cost of caring for a pet throughout its life.  Please think twice before taking on the responsibility of having a puppy - this is a lifetime commitment.  Any persons asking to negotiate/barter pricing will not be considered for a puppy.  

4.You do not get to pick your own puppy.  These puppies will be hand chosen for you by me, their breeder, and will be chosen based on your needs and lifestyle.  We feel that since we know the puppies and their personalities better than anyone else does we are better suited to decide which puppies go to which homes.  Please see my CHOOSING PUPPIES page to read on our process of picking out the right pup for you.
5.  All deposits are non-refundable in the event of an outright cancellation made by the puppy buyer.  The deposit is set in place to protect the puppy from any impulse buyers, or those looking to just shop around.  The deposit signifies your commitment to this puppy.  In the event of miscarriage or puppy loss your deposit will go towards a puppy from our next litter.  Except for outright cancellations made by the puppy buyer your deposit will always guarantee you a puppy from us. 
6.  I do not ship puppies anywhere, it is cruel and potentially dangerous for such a young puppy.  You must be able to personally meet with me and pick up the puppy at my home.
7.  I do not deal with second parties or brokers.  I only wish to communicate with the prospective puppy parents directly, not friends nor other family members (including their children, MINORS OR ADULTS) trying to facilitate the aquisition for any reason (ie. language barrier, distance).  I do not sell or wish to communicate with any underaged persons, I will only deal with the actual prospective puppy parent who will be taking full financial responsibility for the puppy throughout his/her lifetime.   

8.  In order to reserve a puppy from a current or future litter I will need to have a $500 deposit to save your position in the puppy pick.  I can not "hold" on to checks/monies until litters are born.  We have had people ask us in the past to not deposit their check until the litter was born only to have it bounce on us and we never hear back from the puppy parents again.  We can no longer take that risk when placing our puppies, it is not fair to leave an innocent single puppy without a home while the rest of its littermates have commited families .
We take responsibility for our breeding program and will ALWAYS take back one of our puppies at any point in its lifetime regardless of age or health.  We are commited to never having one of our puppies end up in a shelter, rescue, or bad home. 
 Please refer to the Questionnaire page if you are interested in getting a puppy.  Many thanks!

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